NOOKS collection is created by Janine Rewell, a Helsinki-based designer, illustrator and aunt with an aim to visualize the vivid shapes and color palette of a kid’s imagination. These dollhouses display the exciting complexity of play worlds and encourage exploring what adventures might be just around the corner.

NOOKS dollhouses are designed with emphasis on high quality and built to last. They are made entirely out of wood, knowing that some like to play rough. Each of the seven dollhouses are illustrated around different visual themes, inspiring the imagination to new adventures. Furthermore, nook formed dollhouses are interconnectable, allowing them to be assembled with each other so that the play can extend from house to house.

NOOKS collection is here to untangle the doll world from pink bows and introduce a gender neutral play nook for kids of all ages. Play is our brain’s favourite way of developing and by providing imaginative toys and diverse play surroundings we insure that kids have a chance to develop to the max.



Janine Rewell is a Helsinki-based illustrator and designer with a crush on geometry. Her style is characterized by pure vector lines flirting with decorative shapes that bloom into bold and colorful compositions. Rewell’s fantastical illustrations escape from paper onto human skin and into campaigns and galleries, stretching over categories and across dimensions.

Photo by Harry Elonen